Welcome to MoneyMappatm

Video 1 provides the rationale behind development of the MoneyMappatm This rationale is based on the belief that the Accounting framework needs to be re-stated in physical rather than abstract terms in order for it to be used more effectively by more people as a management tool.
Video 2 provides a live demonstration of how the MoneyMappatm achieves this re-statement through the use of an hydraulic analogy.


Live demonstration of the MoneyMappatm animations by processing a series of 25 commonly occurring business transactions, in a sequence typically associated with starting a business up and growing it through to full trading status.

Each transaction’s flow path is shown as well as its balance sheet effects.


Here the user is able to experience two modes of testing their understanding of the business transactions seen in the “Accounting Alive” animations.

Mode 1 requires identification of the transaction flow paths for a series of randomly generated transactions.

Mode 2 requires identification of the transaction name for a series of randomly generated transaction flow paths.


Please tell us what you think of the MoneyMappatm ! Help us to improve and refine the product so it can be more effective in “lifting the veil” on the mystery of accounting and so enhance its power as a management tool for all people involved in business management.


For general enquiries and/or more information please email us at info@moneymappa.x10host.com